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We need your help to keep Layla's Trust going. If you can, please have a look as some of the roles we are desperately looking to fill. If you think it is for you, please get in touch.

Normally, ambassadors are born from volunteers who want to invest more time and commitment to the charity, but this is not a pre-requisite for the role. Anyone with a keen interest can become ambassadors for Layla's Trust. Whilst we expect a higher level of commitment and involvement, we know that you are human and have a life outside the charity - therefore we will not expect your involvement in everything, but just as much as you can do. We will also ask that you take your responsibilities as an ambassador seriously and we will tailor your responsibilities to your personal strengths. All ambassadors will work under the direction of a trustee and must seek guidance and neccessary permissions from them before undertaking their tasks and roles.


Some of the responsibilities as ambassadors include:

  • an explicit overall higher level of involvement and commitment to the charity

  • work well under the guidance / instruction of an appointed trustee

  • coordination of a volunteer groups

  • assisting with fundraising events

(including at least one event arranged by you per year)

  • give talks / presentations about the charity

(training will be given)

  • actively enlist volunteers / supporters

  • promote and represent the charity appropriately

  • assist with or arrange event promotion / organisation and ticket sales

  • involvement in the annual layla's day fundraising push


If you are 24 years of age or under and an ambassador for Layla's Trust, we will provide you with a reference if you require one. If you are under the age of 18 and request to be an ambassador, we will need a parent / guardian's consent. All ambassadors will be issued with a Layla's Trust t-shirt and other promotional merchandise for you to keep and be expected to wear to events.

This is a rewarding opportunity to be part of something special, meet and help some of the most amazing people and make positive changes to families lives.


As you can imagine, some of the ambassador positions and tasks may require dealing with sensitive situations or interacting with vulnerable beneficiaries. Where we deem appropriate, we may require volunteers to be DBS checked in order to protect you, us and the people we help. If you want to discuss this, have concerns or wish to discuss a conviction but still want to get involved, please contact us in confidence here.


register interest as an ambassador

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