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Layla's Hospital Room Part 2 is about improving the service provision at the hospital for parents and guardians of critically ill children, whilst they are in hospital.


As you would have read in our Layla's Hospital Room Part 1 campaign, we have come up against some obstacles that are too acute to ignore. We have decided that our initial, ambitious plans to completely renovate the existing parents room, without the assurance from the hospital that it will remain in the use of the Children's Ward whilst the ASR (Acute Service Redesign) is going on, that we could not possibly commit to spending the type of funds we have ring-fenced for this project, on a project that could be disbanded in no time at all, should the ASR go that way.

Ergo, we are starting on Layla's Hospital Room Part 2. 

We are going back to the drawing board and coming up with a revised scheme that will serve as a temporary solution for the interim period, utilising a small percentage of the original budget so to update the existing space, enabling parents to stay in the room if needed. 

Along side this revised proposals, we will be working hard to get ourselves a seat at the ASR table, so that we can assist and lobby for better provisions for parents, demonstrating our commitment to help with this area, should it be feasible to do so.

These are uncertain times for our NHS and it is now, more than ever before that we are committed to supporting our hospital, the staff and the families that reside within it.

layla's hospital family room PART 2  | ONGOING - UPDATED JANUARY 2018
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