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Layla's Mobile Bedroom Unit in the NICU department of St Mary's Hospital were completed last year. When the first one was created, the idea was that it would be a private bedroom in which mum and dad could stay overnight with their critically ill child.


It proved so popular with the long term prem babies and their parents that NICU asked us to do another! Of course we said yes! The rooms are used all the time, allowing mums and dads to stay with their baby and to nuture the bonds that are so important at the beginning of a baby's life. Before the rooms, we were forced to leave Layla behind and spent many sleepless nights at home, waiting for the morning to come. Now, this won't be an issue for future parents as they can stay in the unit as long as the nursing staff deem it appropriate to do so. They can sleep on a sofa bed, enjoy a good night's sleep in the security of knowing that the amazing team are right there to help if needed. In the day, the beds fold away into a sofa which can be used for the whole family. Storgage units were sourced that provide table space, a place for baby's bits and pieces and rooms for mum and dad's overnight gear. The storage keeps everything away from the floors, allowing the teams to come in and clean down effectively.

We wanted the rooms to feel as much like home as possible - rather than hospital -  and I think we have gone a long way in achieving that.


mobile bedroom unit | completed project

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