We think that working together with other organisations, voluntary groups and care providers is the most effective and holistic approach to getting things done.


Layla's Trust works with many other organisations on the Isle of Wight and further afield to ensure there is a whole team to support families who are in need.


We have awarded a grant to assist Rainbow Trust in delivering their services to Island Families! Having identified a need for better support in the home, we contacted Rainbow Trust back in 2012 to ask them to offer their services on the island. Now, we are working alongside each other with Layla's Trust gifting £12,000 last year and a further £14,000 this year to enable Rainbow Trust to support families in their own homes, offering practical and emotional support where they can. We feel strongly that by utilising 'Island' funds to support this national charity, we ensure that the money remains on the Island or the benefit of our Island community.

We are really excited about working with such an amazing charity and may this be the beginning of a great collaborative effort that works for everyone!

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