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One of our main ongoing projects is to assist families when they have a terminally ill child with crisis aid.


This is primarily financial aid specifically for off-island medical treatment. This includes contributions toward a daily living allowance for essential items such as food, travel and accommodation. We also help qualifying families with other items such as bereavement counselling costs and for one-off costs/items whereby the child's quality of life would be greatly benefitted. We once covered the cost of a boiler replacement for a family when they were looking after their critically ill child. There are numerous ways in which we can help.


However, we only help families that are referred to us by the CCNT (Children's Community Nursing Team), Health Visitors, doctors and nurses in both Children's Ward and SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit) so we know that every case is legitimate. Whilst we have a responsibility to help the most in need families, we also bear a responsibility to spend the money our donors raise appropriately. Therefore we do not take personal referrals for crisis aid through the website, but we do encourage you to inform the CCNT or hospital representative if you or someone you know needs additional support. If they fit our criteria and a request is submitted on your behalf, your healthcare representative will send us a referral for our consideration.

We aim to get back to the families within a few days or less, with our decision and facilitate any payments as soon as possible.

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